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The second of Shoujo Arts Society's two holiday shopping trips is for anime/manga fans in the New York City area. Get those first gifts, or pick up some last-minute (for your early birds) items, and get to know SAS while you're at it.

December 11, 2004
11:30AM - 6:00PM

All locations are in Manhattan. Participants are expected to cover their own transportation, meal and gift expenses.

Please RSVP to Paulette at shoujoarts @ by Thursday, December 9.

11:30am to 12:30pm
#1 Book Off (meet in front of store, then go in to browse)
14 East 41st Street off Fifth Avenue (4, 5, 6, or S trains to Grand Central Terminal at 42nd Street; B, D, F and 7 trains to 42nd Street/Sixth Avenue)
Japanese used bookstore (cheap and great finds!) across the street from the main NY Public Library branch. Also sells videos, music, artbooks, magazines, etc.

12:45pm to 1:30pm
#2 Kinokuniya Bookstore
10 West 49th Street, Rockefeller Center
The largest Japanese bookstore in Manhattan, just across from the skating rink and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Sells new titles, magazines, music, stationery, videos, and more.

There are a few Japanese food stores near #1 and #2, for snacks. Kitchoan near Kinokuniya (608 Fifth Avenue) is a confectionery shop. Yagura, down the block from Book Off toward Madison Ave, is a grocery store/snack bar--and the cheaper choice.

1:45pm to 2:15pm
#3 Takashimaya Department Store and the Tea Box
693 Fifth Avenue (at 54th Street)
An imported Japanese department store--gorgeous, and expensive. We're bypassing the four shopping levels for the Tea Box. The Tea Box is a small cafe/snack bar with somewhat reasonable ($10-$18 average) meal prices. But for tea lovers and those buying their favorite tea lovers gifts, the Tea Box's shop sells black, green, red and white teas in wonderful, attractive packages.

2:45pm to 3:45pm
#4 Elizabeth Street Mall
Elizabeth Street off Canal, Chinatown (6, Q, N, R, W, J, M trains to Canal Street)
For anime/manga fans, Elizabeth Street Mall and stores on about two blocks here are a shopping mecca in NYC. What you can't find elsewhere, you may find here (including new titles straight from Japan). Still, we have to say it: Elizabeth Street stores may sell legitimate products, but not all do (ie, knock-offs and bootlegs). "Caveat emptor"--so check what you have before you buy it and leave!

4:00pm to 5:00pm
#5 Sweet 'n' Tart Restaurant
20 Mott Street near Worth and Park Streets
For dim sum, or a real meal, this restaurant near the Elizabeth Street Mall is a great place for food. Meals are extremely affordable AND good, and the menu is varied enough to make everyone happy.

5:20pm to 6:00pm
#6 ZakkaCorp. Shop and Gallery (
147 Grand Street, Chinatown (between Lafayette and Crosby Streets)
Want to know what the Japanese alternative culture/subculture is up to? This unique art space and shopping center hosts both Japanese and Japanese-American-made projects, right in Chinatown. View some offbeat art, or buy some unusual, somewhat one-(or two)-of-a-kind items.

*There may be some additions to the itinerary. Please contact Paulette at the above email address for any changes or for questions re: the NYC trip.
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