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UPDATE: Cosplay and Contests and Appearances...Oh My!

Onna! planning is coming down to just mere weeks! As we get closer to our event date, we'll have more news to give you. Such as....

COSPLAY COMPETITION AND HARAJUKU FASHION SHOW: Cosplay is a huge favorite of anime con fans, and Onna! gives you what you want. Check out our info on Onna!'s Main Stage Competition event on our website. And, to give cosplayers something else interesting to do, we're introducing a brand-new event called "Harajuku Fashion Show" -- giving props to the youth culture of Japan's most famous fashion-forward district!

Want to know more? Go to, click on "Events", choose "Cosplay"

ONNA! AT OTAKON: You're going to Otakon? Well, so are we (of course!). Come meet Onna! staff at the largest East Coast anime convention. We'll be in the Dealer Room, at Table 408. And, if you haven't registered for the con yet, take advantage of us (yes, we really want you to) by registering for our event at Otakon, for a discounted fee off three days!

ARTISTS' ALLEY AND ART SHOW: You're such an anime and manga fan that you create anime and manga art. Onna! has an Artists' Alley and Art Show where you can show off your best works -- at a low, low cost! Alley tables are just $25/weekend; Art Show is just $8/hanging fee (in addition to the con admission fee, of course).

Want to know more? Go to, click on "Events", choose "Artists' Alley" or "Art Show"

ONNA! PROGRAM BOOK -- ADVERTISE WITH US: You may not be able to attend Onna!, but as a vendor with anime/manga-related product, you're looking to reach the kind of attendees who come to Onna! We've got a way for you to get to them -- through our Program Book. Our rates are now posted on our website.

Want to know more? Go to, click on "Publicity", choose "Program Book"

HOTEL ROOMS STILL AVAILABLE: But not for much longer! Don't forget to book rooms at our special $129-a-night rate for the Gateway Hilton.

Want to know more? Go to, click on "Hotel"

For more information about registration, volunteering, or guests, please visit

See you in October!

Onna Publicity Staff
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