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Rare Final Fantasy VII Chocobo UFO Catcher Plushes!!!

Rare 1997 Banpresto Authentic Final Fantasy VII Chocobo UFO Catcher Plushes!!! >_< All 5 colors (Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, and Gold) 15 cm x 17 cm
ALL still have ORIGINAL TAGS!!! All are in very good shape! You could not buy these in stores, they were UFO Catcher prizes only in Japan for a limited time in 1997. VERY RARE! Almost impossible to find. Especially all 5 sold together. Usually sold separately on ebay (and not always with their original tags) by Japanese sellers, which usually means high shipping costs. I'm listing them on LJ for now, but if I don't get any bites, I'm going to list them on ebay. Catch this great deal now!

$600 OBO shipped

EACH chocobo plush can go for over $100 on ebay. I'm selling ALL 5 together with original tags in the U.S. $600 OBO (non-bid), which includes shipping. So overall, I'm not really making a profit. I paid over $100 for several of them several years ago and I've watched bids on these chocobo plushes over the years. They are pretty expensive because they are extremely rare.

For both your protection and mine, I only accept PAYPAL, unless I have dealt with you before. I also buy and sell on ebay. Please view my auctions here: 

Please view my 100% feedback here:

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