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New Items for TRADE/SALE!!!

If you would like to see photo go here mangatude.com/kookie/
My wishlist is here mangatude.com/see_all.php

MANGA (english language)
*Angel Cup Vol. 1 2 3 4 5
*Angel Cup Vol. 4
*Blood Alone Vol. 1 2 3 4
*Bring it on! Vol 1 2 3 4
*Cy-Believers (Cy Believers) Vol 1 2 3
*Demon City Hunter series / Demon Palace Babylon Vol 2
*Forest of Gray City Vol 1 2
*Gaba Kawa
*Hanky Panky (Adult/Yaoi)
*Hate to Love You (Adult/Yaoi)
*Honey Mustard Vol. 1 2 3 4
*Hot Gimmick Vol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
*Kare First Love Vol 1 2
*Kare First Love Vol 5
*Love Quest (Adult/Yaoi)
*Maxion Book Four: Manic Obsessions Vol 4
*Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone (Adult/Yaoi)
*Mugen Spiral Vol 1 & 2
*Necratoholic (Adult/Yaoi)
*Nephilim Vol. 1 & 2
*Parasyte Vol. 5 & 6 manga gn (tokyopop)
*Peppermint Vol 1 2 3 4
*Pine Kiss Vol 1
*Pitaten (Pita-ten) Vol. 4
*Priceless Vol 1 2 3
*Puri Puri (Premature Priest) Vol 2
*Red Blinds the Foolish (Adult/Yaoi)
*S.A. (Special A) Vol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
*Sundome Vol 2
*Sweety Vol. 1 2
*The Boss Vol 1 2
*Vaizard Vol 1
*Walkin' Butterfly Vol. 2 & 3
*Your Lover Vol 1 2

LIVE ACTION/ANIME dvds (Region 1 unless noted)
*2009 Lost Memories (Hyb)
*Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad Vol. 1 BRAND NEW SEALED (my memory)
*Bloodhound: The Vampire Gigolo Vol 1 2 3 (Hyb)
*Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 - Perfect Collection
*CardCaptor Sakura (card captor) The Movie clamp (ALL REGION)
*Doom Unrated Extended Edition
*Everyday is Valentine (ALL REGION)
*Fireworks Complete Series (ALL REGION)
*Gunslinger Girl: girl vita, passionee... pistole: life, happiness, and the gun Vol. 2 dvd BRAND NEW Sealed
*Hoop Days (Dear Boys) Vol. 1 dvd BRAND NEW Sealed
*Invisible Target DVD (Hyb)
*Kodocha (Kodomo No Omocha):School Girl Super Star Vol. 1 dvd BRAND NEW Sealed
*Kung Fu Hustle (Widescreen Edition) BRAND NEW Sealed
*Mezzo Complete Collection (Hyb) (Thinpak)
*Mountain Patrol (Kekelixi)
*My Girl Complete Series (ALL REGION)
*Negima: Vol. 2: Magic 201 - Magic and Combat BRAND NEW Sealed
*Negima: Vol. 3: Magic 301 - Practical Application of Magic (Viridian Collection) BRAND NEW Sealed
*Noir Complete Collection (Hyb) Thinpak
*Peach Girl Vol. 2 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Planetes Vol. 1 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Planetes Vol. 3 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Planetes Vol. 4 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Planetes Vol. 5 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Rainbow Kids (Foreign Film Favorites)
*RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Tsubasa: Seeds of Revolution Vol. 2 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Samurai 7 & Burst Angel & Kiddy Krade sampler BRAND NEW Sealed
*Samurai 7: Search for the Seven Vol. 1 BRAND NEW Sealed
*SEX AND ZEN Collection Set (8 Movies, ALL REGION)
*Suzuka, Vol. 2 BRAND NEW Sealed
*The Benchwarmers BRAND NEW Sealed
*The Great Horror Family - Complete Collection
*The Magicians Of Love Complete Series (ALL REGION)
*The Sum of all Fears
*Trinity Blood, Chapter II Vol. 2 BRAND NEW Sealed
*Walt Disneys Sleeping Beauty Special Edition (2 disc set)

*Adrenaline Drive (Sub)
*Black Mask (dub)

*A Smurf adventure The Astrosmurf by Peyo Storybook
*Angela card (business / trading card size)
*Beck Postcard (card or flyer)
*Black Blood Brothers Postcard (card or flyer)
*Black Cat Gun Postcard (card or flyer)
*Cat Girl Kimono Lucky Messenger Bag
*Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (DDR) for PS2
*Darker Than Black Postcard (card or flyer)
*Disney's Aladdin: The Making of an Animated Film (Paperback)
*Fate Stay Night Postcard (card or flyer)
*Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Postcard (card or flyer) blue
*Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Postcard (card or flyer) white
*Ghost Hunt Postcard (card or flyer) (3 OF THESE)
*Gothic Gargoyles (Hardcover) by Bill Yenne (Author)
*Hellsing Postcard (card or flyer)
*Karin Postcard (card or flyer)
*Macromedia FreeHand 8 CD & books for Windows
*Night of the Crash Test Dummies: A Far Side Collection
*No Future For You (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume 2)
*OTAKU USA magazine October 2007 anime
*Otaku USA October 2007 DVD
*Paradise Kiss Postcard (card or flyer)
*Pardise Kiss Postcard (card or flyer) #2
*Point Blank: Alex Rider Graphic Novel (Paperback)
*Puffy Ami Yumi Slurge Postcard (card or flyer) (3 OF THESE)
*Pumpkin Scissors Postcard (card or flyer)
*Red Garden Postcard (card or flyer)
*Rightstuf! anime catalog fall 2006 (right stuf) (2 OF THESE)
*Rightstuf! anime catalog fall 2007 (right stuf)
*Rightstuf! anime catalog spring 2007 (right stuf)
*Rightstuf! anime catalog spring 2008 (right stuf)
*Shin Chan Postcard (card or flyer)
*Shojo Beat Magazine exclusive preview
*Tenchi Muyo Series Two Figures (3 FIGURES)
*Tenchi Ryo Ohki (ryo-ohki) Postcard (card or flyer)
*The Last Samurai (Screenplay and Movie Guide) (Paperback)
*The Slayers Next card (business / trading card size)
*The Story of Saiunkoku Bookmark (card or flyer) (2 OF THESE)
*The Wizardology Handbook: A Course for Apprentices (Ologies) (Spiral-bound)
*Tinker Bell DVD sampler
*Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Postcard (card or flyer)
*Welcome to the N-H-K Postcard (card or flyer)

*Anime X-Plode! 1 (American music inspired by the best in japansese animation)
*Another Year on the Streets, Vol. 3
*Complaints and Grievances - Carlin, George
*Japanese Motors - Vice
*Lindsay Lohan - Speak
*Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Let's Face It
*Spur 58 (spur58) - Sleepwalkers
*Sum 41 - Chuck

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